Career Counselling (One To One Session)

The world has experienced three industrial revolutions, but none as disruptive as the fourth is about to be. Many of us have been largely unaware to the magnitude of the technological changes going on around us. We’ve been slow to adapt to technology in our workplaces and resistant to entering a virtual world. That changed instantly around the globe in March 2020. Suddenly, not just the “techies” were working from home; we were all logging in from our kitchen tables, home offices or living rooms.

This is just the beginning; the implications for what is to come are enormous in a way that we cannot yet begin to imagine. As career professionals, it is essential that we get ahead of the curve. You have to be a worker 4.0 with new skillset and competency to meet industry demand. 

Our One-to-one personal career counselling program is mentoring you to be the frontliner in this 4th industrial revolution. We have designed this program to make your campus to corporate journey successful.  

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