Resume Writing

Resume Writing

CV is a very important tool to connect with your potential employer. Many of us applying open position through email, or online job portal. But not getting positive call from recruiter. Is it also happening with you? Are you analyze this fact? What is the root cause? I know you have the quality and adequate knowledge and required skill set to perform the job that you applied for. Many applicants like you or may not like you also applied against this position. How employer or recruiter will sorting application? Obviously by your submitted CV.

This is the first tool that bringing you to the next step of recruitment process. Then they will call you to discuss more details that you mentioned in your CV. Now question is- where need to focus more? CV. Yes CV. Nowadays info-graphic CV format is much more accepted by the recruiter. They can get quick insight about you from here. You people know that, they don’t have time to go line by line of hundred of thousand applications and or CV.

They always looking for a smart and short CV where presenting all information in a constructive way. Furnish your all achievement rather than activities. Hybrid format consisting both activity and achievement can be the right choice for Bangladeshi employer. So why you are waiting? Start updating your CV and give a smart look on it. Yes, that is why I am investing couple of days for you guys. To give you a better look in your CV. Here is the demo copy of one CV…(image format) Soft copy will share with you upon your interest. Please note- this is absolutely free for my connected people and who like my page and share this post in their timelines.

Download Rony Saha Resume

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