Better Version of I

a better version of “I”

A better version of I or myself. Add some attributes in your 3 domains- intelligence, industry and integrity. Which will brings you tomorrow. Every moment everyone should learn new things to change his current version. Please keep in mind your yesterday knowledge may not be applicable in todays job and to lead in tomorrow.

You need to build your solid foundation by intelligence. That is your IP(intellectual property). Industry will helps you to grow up. And integrity ensures your sustainability for tomorrow. Remember none of them survive in long run without having integrity in his or her job or business. Now I want to clear this message comparing with your human body. 3H (head, hand and heart) is directly related to 3i( intelligence, industry and integrity). Intelligence is related with head, industry with hand and integrity with heart.

When you do any job/task or business please invest 3H properly. You will be successful, no doubt about it. Equation of 3i will help you to understand this topic more clearly. Intelligence + Industry = Smart work. Smart work is the better version of hard work. Industry + Integrity = Positive energy. Positive energy is the update version of energy. Intelligence + Integrity = Self-confidence. Self-confidence is the updated version of arrogance. And Intelligence + Industry + Integrity = better version of I. Blending of these three attributes gives better version of myself or yourself.

Life is the journey between two words B & D. B is for birth and D is for death. You have to achieve your desired life between birth and death. One word lies between these two words B & D. And that is C. C is your choice. What you will do? how you will pass your life? That is your choice. You can not change B&D. But you can change your choice. And your choice can change your life. That is nothing more of 3i. Be conscious to develop of your 3i from now. How can I develop 3i to update my version? The last i is integrity.

That is almost common for all. This is the practice of honesty and uprightness of your morality. Sense of humor or common sense, values, and beliefs are the prerequisite of integrity. Soft skills training, NLP practice, and meditation help you to develop your integrity. Now come to the second domain of 3i. That is industry. This is being little bit different from one person to another person, based on their job and business. To develop an industry, maintaining good health is a prerequisite.

Daily exercise, detoxification and good health habits are the components to be an industrious. And first domain of 3i is Intelligence and that is fully different from one person to others person. This is your uniqueness. This is your IP. Technical and functional knowledge helps you to boost up your intelligence. Your education, and your experience enhance this domain. Don’t match up your intellect with others. Let’s start practicing to improve your 3i domain to give up a new version. Thank you!


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