Importance of Money

Importance of Money

Money is not God, but money is good! It fully depends on you, how you are earning and spending money? Money can give freedom for you, your loves, and for society. To learn much more about money, today we are going to টাকা জাদুঘর.

Really it’s important for next generation to familiarize with money, cause very soon this money going to be obsolete from us. Probably we are able to see that, all money are showcasing in museum. And we are doing transactions by virtual currency(cryptocurrency: Bitcoin and many more). Block chain will takeover this traditional monetary fund policy. Now millionaire capitalist not interested in physical money.

They want to sucking global money in their account through block chain. Rich people will more rich cross national boundaries. However বড় কর্তা‌দের ইচ্ছা nothing have to do. We have to learn this technology and policy to adapt with Fintech coming soon. Transformation of money ( Goods- Taka- Debit Card- Bitcoin) will bring you new platform, where everything will happen by your fingertips on the mobile phone screen. However, hope you will enjoy it much more there! Tips: No entry fees it’s totally free!


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